Homeopathy a safe and supportive additional treatment with conventional cancer care

Case 2 – tissue infection during neutropenia

A 22-month old girl, diagnosed with Early T-cell Precursor ALL, high-risk group,13 was presented to IKOM for general advice. She was presenting no acute symptoms but the parents of the child stated the wish to support their child’s immune system.

Based on her general symptoms, she was given Phosphorus C200 11 without any noticeable effect. Moreover, she has been admitted to hospital with fever and an acute tissue infection of the left cheek two weeks later.

Swelling and reddening were discrete, but there was complete loss of appetite and demonstration of pain, whenever touched or moved. In order to withstand pain during examinations she needed opiates.

Corresponding homeopathic evaluation, Bryonia C200,12 up to 3×5 globules (size 10) per day, was prescribed.

The treatment started in the evening and until noon the other day, the girl seemed to have no pains and tried some food in the morning. The homeopathic remedy was repeated in the afternoon, as the pains returned.

Within the next days, the time after which Bryonia needed to be repeated became shorter and on the fourth day the potency was risen to Bryonia C1000 12 in the same dosing.

While the infection persisted despite the administration of antibiotic and anti-mycotic therapy, it was neither spreading nor did the girl seemed to have pain.

Every time she expressed discomfort, Bryonia seemed to help her. Eventually the effect of Bryonia C1000 subsided as well and the potency was risen to Bryonia C10’000,12 again in the same dosing.

On day six, the antibiotic treatment was adapted. Within the following two days, the infection reduced further. Nonetheless, a few days later control imaging revealed remains of the infections needed and the area to be drained surgically.

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