Homeopathy a safe and supportive additional treatment with conventional cancer care

Case 4 – affect spasm

iHOM doctors were contacted concerning a 16-month old boy, who had been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, Fab type M7, 4 days prior to the first homeopathic consultation, because his mother wanted to support the course of disease with iHOM.

The anamnesis revealed that the boy, apart from being weak since the start of CTX, was stubborn, dissatisfied and crying a lot. He was not compliant during examinations and therapeutic interventions, such as injections or mouth hygiene, screaming and presenting a spastic arrest of breathing. Thus, the interventions took a lot of time and sometimes even needed to be postponed.

The boy would only calm himself, when carried and rocked by his mother.

The treatment in this case was Chamomilla C200 11 (size 2), 1×3 globules sublingual once.

In the control visit a week later, the mother reported that there haven’t been any affect spasms since the intake of the remedy and the boy was more content and amenable.

She was told, that the homeopathic Chamomilla could be repeated, whenever the spasm returned. If a repetition had not the desired result, iHOM should be contacted again. No more contact was needed.

However, no generalizable results can be deducted from these data. I emphasize future research on this topic.

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